CHAMP Business Licht Rolf Winter ... for lighting applications in indoor and outdoor use!

In-ground lights

The marking and effect lights of CHAMP Business Licht Rolf Winter can mark, secure or guide. Use them to mark paths, to light squares, driveways or in public buildings.
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Stair Lighting

Definitely safe - remarkably nice Almost everyone has seen them. The step lights made by Rolf Winter Business Licht. After all this time they still never fail to impress with their functionality, unobtrusive design and long service life. And the chief attraction - the lights are clearly seen from above and of course from below, already before you reach the stairs. That's called safety.
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Linear Lighting

... never before it was so easy to point the way ahead with light If in furniture as an emphasizing, illuminating element, ... in airports, exhibition halls or public buildings as a marking and guiding light. The new and proven products of CHAMP Business Licht Rolf Winter in the domain Linear Light can be used for a wide range of applications.
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Lights to set highlights, for illumination applications like shelf and showcase lighting, trick fountains, displays, ad signs, path markers and many other applications in which these small, decorative and energy-saving lighting elements with a long service life are needed.
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Additional equipment

In this category you'll find a big assortment of accessoires for our light-solutions
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